popularized technicalities

popularized technicalities
popularized technicalities
This was Fowler's term (1926) for technical terms that are adopted into general use, and the one he named as being then most in vogue was acid test. Some popularizations (e.g. leading question) involve a change in meaning and are therefore usually more controversial. A range of examples from various domains, some known to Fowler and others more recent, are given in the table below.
word / technical domain / date of popularized use
allergy / medicine / mid-20c
asset / law / 17c
chain reaction / chemistry / mid-20c
chronic / medicine / 19c
clone / genetics / late 20c
complex / psychology / early 20c
devil's advocate / religion / 19c
feedback / physics / mid-20c
fixation / psychology / early 20c
function / mathematics / 18c
interface / physics and mathematics / mid-20c
leading question / law / 20c
multitasking / computing / mid-20c
nth degree / mathematics / 19c
parameter / mathematics / early 20c
persona / literary criticism / early 20c
protagonist / drama / mid-20c
quantum leap or jump / physics / mid-20c
syndrome / medicine / mid-20c

Modern English usage. 2014.

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